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Norwell’s Teen Defensive Driving course is for Teens on their 'L' or 'P' plates. The course is about correcting Teen attitudes to driving and building their confidence as a new driver in a comfortable environment. One big challenge when teaching a new driver is having somewhere safe, Norwell Motorplex provides this ideal environment to enable new drivers to experience car control without the pressure of being on a public road.

Overview & Benefits:
Instructor ratio (3:1) to allow for individual instruction and driving time
Situation awareness
Car control
Accident avoidance
This 3 hour course includes an overview on road safety followed by practice time on the Norwell Driver Training circuit.
Education and insight into safe driving principles including biomechanics of driving and steering technique.
We maximise track time and in-car practice.

Average Duration: 3 hours

About Norwell Motorplex

The Supercars Official Driving Experience at Norwell Motorplex on the Gold Coast puts you behind the wheel in a car prepared by actual Supercar engineers & mechanics! Drive yourself or Ride as a passenger with one of our Supercars professional instructors.

75 Norwell Road,
Woongoolba, QLD 4207

Dress Code

Participants must be wearing closed-in shoes for safety regulations and please wear light clothing.

Other Information

If you are under 18 years old - parents must accompany you upon check-in. The Norwell Teen Defensive Driving course is the most fun a teen can have while learning these important life skills.


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Sat, 28 May 2022

Afternoon Start
1:00pm Session - Teen Defensive Course 1pm

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