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Overview & Benefits
Instructor ratio (3:1) to allow for individual instruction and driving time
Education and insight into safe driving principles including biomechanics of driving and steering technique
Skidpan-ABS and threshold braking
Safe following distances
Evasive lane change and recovery demonstration
Turntable exercise to demonstrate traction control
Includes morning tea, light lunch and refreshments
Classroom Overview
Classroom lecture gives valuable insight and understanding to safe driving practices.
Practical Session
Putting into practice what has been learned in the classroom session.
All participants experience our revolving turntable which simulates a rear end skid and the activation of electronic stability control (ESC).
Points to Remember
The courses are practical and fun. They also maximise track time and in-car practice. The course is suitable for all ages and experienced levels.
The turntable is a unique mechanical device, designed to simulate a rear end (oversteer) slide and we are able to teach how to recover from this situation.
The skid pan allows us to simulate a front end (understeer) slide and we are able to teach the recovery.
Courses are available for individuals and groups such as businesses, fleets, etc.

Average Duration: 7 hours

About Norwell Motorplex (Performance Driving Centre)

The Supercars Official Driving Experience at Norwell Motorplex on the Gold Coast puts you behind the wheel in a car prepared by actual Supercar engineers & mechanics! Drive yourself or Ride as a passenger with one of our Supercars professional instructors.

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Woongoolba, QLD 4207


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Tue, 18 Aug 2020

Morning Start
8:30am Session -

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