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Book Now - Junior Karts to Cars Course

Looking for a way to get into motor racing? This course will give you the fundamentals on what the ‘next step’ is to get into motorsport.
Whether your goal is Hyundai Excels, Formula Ford, Toyota 86, Supercars etc this course is designed to help the Go Karter or kid with no experience make that first or next step an easy transition into circuit motor racing just like we have for drivers such as Super 3 Champion Broc Feeney and Anton De Pasquale. (Age group for this course only available to 14 to 17 year olds)
Course outline –
- Experience in driving Toyota 86 (automatic paddle shift and manual gearbox available. No experience required)
- A to Z rundown into Motorsport
- Vision, steering, braking and balance
- Cornering analysis
- Data analyzing and understanding data
- Under-steer/Over-steer
- Starts
- Safety car procedures
- Flags
- Emergency procedures
- CAMS OLT and licensing

Average Duration: Full Day

About Norwell Motorplex

The Supercars Official Driving Experience at Norwell Motorplex on the Gold Coast puts you behind the wheel in a car prepared by actual Supercar engineers & mechanics! Drive yourself or Ride as a passenger with one of our Supercars professional instructors.

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